Where did you go?

Paris, France.

Were there any language barriers? 

Yes and no. They speak French but most people speak English as well. Although Parisians don’t tend to like tourists so might not try to speak too much in English.

What tourist attractions did you visit?

The Lourve – the LONGEST queues for the toilet here (and surrounding shops). You have to pay in shop area. Not in good condition.

Disneyland – toilets fine, queue rides quite long. Train trip to get there takes a while.

Some train stations didn’t have toilets, and the ones that did have toilets were disgusting.

Most tourist spots had toilets, and I had to use random restaurant ones at times.

Did your IBD cause you any issues on this trip?

Yes, I was in a flare. Some days I had to rest in the hotel while my hubby explored things himself.

Was there anything out of the ordinary that stressed you out, or could potentially stress out someone with IBD?

The toilet situation wasn’t great in Paris, not knowing if I would have access (or would have to wait forever in a queue) stressed me out.

Can you recommend how many days/weeks is a good time to visit this location?

I wouldn’t go back to Paris, but I would prefer to travel to other parts of it.

Can you tell us what the food and cuisine is like? 

Standard European fare.

The smaller restaurants/bars outside the tourist traps seemed to be nicer (and some had better toilets!)

Did you ever need medical attention? What did you do?

Yes but self medicated for UC and visited pharmacy.

Toilet advice?

On a scale of 1-10, I’d say 2 for most places. Not impressed. The toilets in Gare du Nord were HORRIBLE.

On a scale of 1-5 how much does your IBD affect you?

(1 being in remission and 5 being in a flare)

Now – 1-2.

On a scale of 1-5, how difficult was it to manage your IBD while on this trip?

(1 being no issues and 5 being very difficult to manage)


Were there any activities which challenged your IBD management? 

Standing in queues for Disneyland – funnily enough riding rollercoasters is never an issue for me! Just waiting for them is troubling.

Would you recommend this place for people who have IBD? 

Sure, but not ideal.

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