Where did you go?

– Beunos Aires
– Mendoza (travelled by car through the Andes from Chile)

Were there any language barriers? 

Yes, they speak Spanish. Some Argentinians speak English.

Bathrooms = Bano (buhn-yoh)

What tourist attractions did you visit?


Crossing the Andes – virtually NO public bathrooms along the way (in 2010). One at customs checkpoint, another in a little store. It’s a LONG drive.

Wine tour in Mendoza. –

La Boca, Cemetery, shopping, art galleries, zoo, restaurants, pubs.

No issues with finding toilets, but generally you can’t use a pub’s toilets without paying for something.

Did your IBD cause you any issues on this trip?

Yes, visited during a flare. We had to skip some activities like horse riding and late nights.

Was there anything out of the ordinary that stressed you out, or could potentially stress out someone with IBD?

Travelling without knowing where the bathrooms are, language barriers, lack of safety at night.

Can you recommend how many days/weeks is a good time to visit this location?

I went for a week at a time, in each city. A week is enough – more time to explore other areas.

Can you tell us what the food and cuisine is like? 

Argentinians love their steaks. Having coffee with an “invoice” or mini croissant is popular for breakfast. Most food is good. Ask locals for recommendations.

The more expensive restaurants were still cheap because the exchange rate is so good.

Cocktails were no good, definitely stick to Malbec (red wine). Any bottle we tried we loved.

Toilet advice?

Not so great, some places the toilets didn’t flush, facilities quite bad. Bring your own toilet paper just in case.

Some places will also charge, bring some coins.

On a scale of 1-5 how much does your IBD affect you?

(1 being in remission and 5 being in a flare)

Now – 1-2.

On a scale of 1-5, how difficult was it to manage your IBD while on this trip?

(1 being no issues and 5 being very difficult to manage)

3-5 because it’s not easy enough to rest in the hotel room, or get access to toilets in public.

Were there any activities which challenged your IBD management? 

Long car travel.

Would you recommend this place for people who have IBD? 


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