My IBD Story: Co-creating IBD care

There is strong evidence that people’s stories about their healthcare provide valuable information for improving health.


Crohn’s & Colitis Australia has gathered and analysed the stories of people living with IBD using a method developed by the Consumer Health Forum Australia, to provide practical evidence for the improvement of care.

The study involved people living with a confirmed diagnosis of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis who participated in an interview to describe the experience of their journey with the condition and the healthcare they have received.

The report of the 20 patient experience stories, “My IBD Story: Co-creating IBD care, complements the results of the recent national IBD hospital audit. It will ensure that improvements in planning and delivery of IBD care include the opinion of people living with IBD.

CCA anticipates that the findings will guide future research of the patient experience on a larger scale.

View the report of the study: “My IBD Story: Co-creating IBD care”

View the 20 Health Experience Wheels which are graphic representations of the positive and negative healthcare experiences of participants.