IBD National Action Plan

IBD is growing in prevalence in Australia and there is increasing evidence that the management of the condition is problematic for individuals and the community as a whole. The opportunity to approach the management of this condition using more effective interventions for chronic disease management is clear.

The Australian Government announced the development of the IBD National Action Plan in April 2018. Crohn’s & Colitis Australia (CCA), the peak consumer organisation for people with IBD, has coordinated the consultation process for IBD stakeholders including a national roundtable action planning workshop.

For quality improvement plans to be of optimal impact, all stakeholders, including consumers, need to participate in the solution.  The Australian Government Department of Health funded the development of this plan which brings together the necessary participants motivated to identify and address the most urgent priorities that will enable improved quality of care for those living with IBD in Australia.

We sought feedback on the Draft IBD National Action Plan to include the IBD community’s valuable input as part of the plan.  Thank you to everyone who took out time to share your feedback with us.