10 Reasons Why You Should Take a Trip to Spain in Support of CCA

1. You’re looking for a challenge – you want to push yourself to do
something out of the ordinary.


2. To get in shape – the El Camino requires plenty of walking, but the
captivating scenery makes it much more enjoyable than simply hopping
on the treadmill.

3. To enjoy a new culture – you will pass towns and villages with
incredible monuments and churches.

4. To learn more about the history – you will pass scenes, buildings
and churches with cultural historical significance and learn about
Spain’s rich history.

5. To make new friends – you will have the chance to meet people along
the way and develop strong friendships.

6. To sample the delicious food – the El Camino has many restaurants
and places to eat authentic Spanish cuisine, from tapas to famous bean
stews and salads.


7. To practice your Spanish
– there will be many opportunities where
you can engage with locals and brush up on your language skills.




hill9. To go on an epic pilgrimage – For centuries, pilgrims have trekked over the high plains and the hills of Galicia, many in the midst of their own spiritual journey.


9. To see incredible landscapes – from lush hills and woodlands to the coastal paths of the north, there’s plenty of beautiful landscapes along the El Camino.


10. Trek alongside other CCA supporters – support an important cause that helps make life more liveable for Australians with IBD.