Health Professionals

When you join CCA as a Health Professional Member you are partnering with the peak national body representing Australians living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

As a health professional you understand how daunting a diagnosis of Chron’s disease or ulcerative colitis can be for a patient and how much support they need to adapt to living with a chronic and unpleasent condition. This is where CCA can help.

While you focus on providing expert health care, CCA helps people living with IBD with support services, advice and the encouragement they need to become proactive participants in normalising their lives. Recent research has confirmed that  patients who are members of a patient support group – such as CCA – are more likely to adhere to maintenance therapies for IBD.[i]

By becoming a Health Professional Member of CCA you will have the opportunity to offer up to five oif your patients a one-year complementary personal membership to CCA. Your tax-deductible membership also includes a range of other valuable benefits.

Check out the full range of  Health Professional Member benefits and join CCA today.

[i] Selinger C, Eaden J, Jones D et al.  Modifiable Factors Associated with Nonadherence to Maintenance Medication for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases September 2013 – Volume 19 – Issue 10 – p 2199–2206.