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CCA’s primary objective is to provide support services, advice and encouragement for people living with inflammatory bowel disease. Read below to find out more about our various support services.

IBD Telephone Helplines

If you want to speak to someone about Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis information, support or ways to manage your health, CCA offers two telephone support services:

Just call 1800 138 029, press option 1 and choose which line you think will best meet your needs.

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Support Groups

CCA support group meetings provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals impacted by IBD can express themselves openly and receive support and understanding from others with similar experiences. All members, including the facilitator are impacted by Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis (IBD) in some way.

Find a support group in your area

For more information, or to register your interest in attending a support group, or starting a group in your area, please phone 1800 138 029 or email.

Please read our privacy policy.

Information Forums

Crohn’s & Colitis Australia’s IBD information forums provide much needed specialised information for people diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, their families and carers.

Particularly useful for those recently diagnosed, the forums offer participants education and support and strategies to identify and establish links with the existing local community support structures.

Click here for more information on past and upcoming forums.

For parents and children

Being diagnosed with IBD is challenging for anyone – but having a young child diagnosed is distressing and daunting for the whole family. There are usually hundreds of questions:

  • Why did my child get this?
  • Is it something we did (or didn’t) do?
  • How is IBD treated?
  • What are our options?
  • Will she have a normal life?
  • What does the future hold for him?
  • Will my other children also get this disease?
  • What is IBD anyway?

You and your family are not alone

Meeting others who are going through similar challenges can make a big difference. Parents have set up a closed Facebook group Parents of Aussie Kids with IBD to provide support for families. This page is not managed by CCA, and any thoughts and opinions are those of the group members.

CCA has a range of resources and services that can help you including:

Browse our website, read about other people’s experiences or call our office (1800 138 029) to have information sent directly to you.

For teens

Being a teenager is hard enough without having to deal with the challenges of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Both the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and the side-effects of many of the treatments, seem designed to cause maximum embarrasment and disruption to every aspect of your life.

Weight loss, fatigue, joint pain, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, surgical scarring, extended hospital stays, delayed puberty and/or corticosteroid puffiness… it is no wonder that many young people with IBD feel isolated, frustrated, stressed, anxious and/or depressed.

It’s important to realise you are not alone.

Meeting others who are going through similar challenges, learning more about the illness and taking a proactive interest in your treatment can make a big difference in your life. CCA has a range of resources and services that can help you including:

Browse our website, read about other people’s experiences or call our office (1800 138 029) to have information sent directly to you.


iConnect: Online Support

Whether you’re living in a regional area with limited access to health professionals and peer support or looking for a reliable source of information on IBD, you can access iConnect, CCA’s online support platform where people living with IBD, their families and friends can seek support from peers and IBD nurses.

Our trained support crew and IBD specialist nurses are available online at the timetable below. You may log in to chat at given time or book an appointment to chat at a time convenient to you.

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