What we do

15548913_sCrohn’s & Colitis Australia’s primary purpose is to provide support services, advice and encouragement to people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Whilst CCA doesn’t cure the illness it can remove some of the burden for people living with IBD and their families.

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, the predominat IBDs, can be diagnosed at any age, though it is most commonly diagnosed in people aged between 15-35 years when education, career and family building are at a peak.

While we invest in research for a cure, CCA continues to advocate for world best treatments and health services for those living with IBD. Through our programs we offer education and support for Australia’s growing Crohn’s and colitis community and raise awareness of the disease. Importantly, our services are offered free of charge.

We rely on the generosity of volunteers, donors and community fundraising to continue our work.

Our services include:

Support Groups Monthly support group meetings held throughout Australia provide participants with a safe and supportive environment to express themselves openly, while receiving support and understanding from others who have had similar experiences.
IBD Helpline 1800 138 029 A free service that offers support, information, counselling and referrals.
Online support Including the CCA website, members only chat forum, Facebook page and more.
IBD information forums Held in various places around Australia, these popular forums feature expert speakers and the opportunity to make connections with local support services.
Funding research Including the Angela McAvoy Fellowship, the largest Australian charity-funded IBD fellowship, and the Young Investigator Award.
Can't Wait Program The Can't Wait Card issued to members of CCA who have been formally diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease helps holders to access a toilet in a time of urgency.
Youth camps Bringing together teenagers living with IBD for three days of fun, adventure and activities with peers who understand the challenges of living with the condition.
Publications Including a quarterly magazine, 'Inside Insight', information booklets and IBD Toolkit for members.
Volunteer Organising Teams Leading peer support activities including: support group meetings, creating local media awareness, raising funds for local needs, and organising education sessions in partnership with CCA.