Our Ambassadors

Meet CCA’s Ambassadors –  media identities who use their profile to help raise awareness of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis nationwide and promote the work of Crohn’s & Colitis Australia

We thank our Ambassadors for spreading the word both through their own publicity, events and social media as well as CCA’s organised events and publications, especially during Awareness Month each May.

Our Ambassadors are a team of professionals from various backgrounds and include;

Brittani Nicholl - Australian champion surfer

“Being a Crohn’s & Colitis Australia Ambassador means that I am able to create an awareness of Crohn’s and Colitis to a wider audience, not just sufferers. It also means that I can help others through hard times and provide hope for someone going through a tough period – to help put a smile on their face, that’s what makes me happy.”

Jacinta Parsons - ABC Radio Melbourne Breakfast Presenter

“The challenges of having Crohn’s disease have been enormous, but facing these challenges have become some of the greatest achievements of my life”.

Jacinta has hosted ABC Radio Melbourne’s breakfast program together with Sami Shah since January 2018.

Ashleigh Ross - Actor, Dancer and YouTube star

“I feel so beyond honoured and privileged to be able to become an Ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis Australia! I am so passionate about spreading awareness for this unique illness and hope to spread love, light and positivity to not only everyone suffering but also everyone who will listen.”

Dani Ross - Youtuber & Makeup Artist

“Crohn’s Disease has made the past 10 years of my life very rocky, but I cannot express how honoured and privledged I am to now be an Ambassador for something that I have followed for so many years. I absolutely love spreading awareness for something so huge in my life and can’t wait to share my stories and help people in need whenever I can.”

Trinity Marell, Actor and Model

“My name is Trinity, I’m a 14 year-old theatre artist. I have been suffering from Crohn’s symptoms for four years now, and only found out I had Crohn’s a few months ago. I’m excited to share my journey with you as a teen ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis Australia and spread the word to all teens that you can be a confident Crohnie!”

Luke Escombe - Musician, comedian and MC

“Crohn’s have given me some tough times over the past 20 years but it’s also given me some great comedy material and helped me to be a stronger and wiser person. Since I’ve become an Ambassador for CCA I’ve met other people with the illness – fascinating, brave, intelligent, funny people. It’s a true honour to be asked to speak and sing on behalf of my fellow Cronies, ulcerative colleagues and ostomates.”

Peter Timbs - Radio personality and entertainment reporter

“I agreed to become a Crohn’s’ & Colitis Australia Ambassador because the kids suffering from Crohn’s disease and colitis need to know that they can have a bright future and achieve whatever goals they set themselves.”

Katrina Chambers - Reality TV star (The Block, 2011) and blogger

“After living the highs and lows of Crohn’s disease over the past 17 years, it’s time for me to speak up, raise awareness.”

Tansel Ali - Australian memory champion

“Being a Crohn’s & Colitis Australia Ambassador gives me the opportunity to help others with a similar condition and also to be more mindful of my own so I can enjoy living life to the fullest.”

Paula Duncan AM - Australian actor, seven time Logie winner and event organiser

“I thankfully do not have Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis but I am passionate about the need to build awareness and raise funds for research into these debilitating diseases. Please join me by ‘getting behind’ this wonderful organisation that provides invaluable support and assistance to so many people, enabling those with IBD to live productive lives.”

Natalie Von Bertouch - Australian netball champion (retired)

“I agreed to become a Crohn’s & Colitis Australia Ambassador as IBD is a condition that affects so many Australians and I also have ulcerative colitis.  I understand what it is like and how hard it can be to deal with it.  I am proud that I can help to show people that despite having IBD you can still keep active and reach your sporting goals.”

Jordan Skinner - V8 Ute Racer

“I became a CCA Ambassador because as a person living with someone who has Crohn’s, I can see first-hand the daily discomfort that comes with the disease and how there is little anyone can do to help someone directly with the disease. So becoming a CCA ambassador is a a great way of shedding light on the illness and hopefully making more people understand & be more aware the hurdles Crohn’s and colitis sufferers face.”