Personal stories

Read, watch and listen to stories of how our members have overcome the challenges of living with a chronic illness and achieved success in their lives.


Luke Escombe

Musician, song-writer, entertainer and comedian Luke Escombe, a CCA Ambassador, talks about living with Crohn’s Disease

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Levon Bakalian

Levon Bakalian, designer of CCA’s special pendant (available here), talks about living with Crohn’s disease.

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Tansel Ali

Memory champion Tansel Ali talks about how living with Crohn’s disease gave him a new perspective on life.

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Keeping the Christmas spirit alive

When a flare-up of Crohn’s disease threatened to thwart Michael Borg’s annual musical Christmas light display, a small army of volunteer elves stepped up to complete the job.

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Learning to love my stoma

Like most 23-year-olds Stacey Sweedman was horrified to learn she would have to live with a ‘poo sack’. Then she got her life back.

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